GapAfford Supplemental Discount Medical Program

Medical Bill Negotiation

Save on Your Medical Bills With Our Negotiation Program

When you have a medical bill in excess of $5000 which falls outside of your allowed plan of benefits, call our patient advocate team, they will confirm charges and work to negotiate a reduction in your bill. There is no guarantee that the provider or facility will agree to the negotiation of a charge

Let Us Be Your Advocate - Our negotiation team is experienced in reducing charges from hospitals and medical providers. Full payment to the provider or facility is required at the time of accepted negotiation.

Note: There is a 15% of savings fee to access this service.

How to Access This benefit: Call 877-271-6559

NCE GapAfford Plus
1000 N West Street Suite 1200
Wilmington Delaware, 19801
PHONE: 888-886-1796

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